Wimpole Night Event Saturday, 9 Dec 2017
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Organiser's Comments

We hope you enjoyed your run under the stars at Wimpole. Our next event is at High Ash on 11 February 2018. In the meantime Happy Christmas from WAOC and best wishes for your orienteering in the New Year.

Planner's Comments

Wimpole Park is an interesting place to run, judging by the number of people who turn out every Saturday morning for the parkrun, but it is a little too easy for orienteering in the daytime so holding a night event in the park looked looked like more of a challenge.
There are necessary constraints of holding an event at Wimpole, and these include the agreement with The National Trust that fences should only be crossed via the gates and not climbed. Whilst there are fewer fences criss-crossing the park than there used to be there are still enough to impose a planning constraint, The other constraint was the path renovation in the woodland belts that the Trust had planned, this meant keeping the courses to the open areas.
Having the start and finish at the Arrington Gate meant that the courses were different to others we have had at Wimpole which have all been from the Stable Block on the east side. The three longest courses were able to visit the whole park including visiting the recently renovated folly in the north.
Thanks must go to Helen Hague for gaining permission from and liaising with The National Trust and for securing the use of Arrington Village Hall. Thanks also to Rakesh Chandraker for the organisation pre-event and to Caroline Louth for organising on the day and also to those who provided refreshments, baked cakes and so on.
Some of the more stressful aspects of planning were made easier by (a) Bruce Marshall's excellent map and the updates to the map he was able to do, (b) the efficiency of the printing company who delivered the maps over a week before the event, (c) being able to put out the controls in daylight and (d) having Johnny Pye and James Haynes volunteer to help collect controls.
Thank you also to Mike Edwards for controlling the event, for his suggestions on the yellow course, for helping set up and take down the start/finish on the day and for staying till almost everyone else had left so that we could get all the controls in.
Iain Stemp (WAOC)



7.9km 135 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Pavel Prochazka BKO M21 42:50
2nd James Haynes WAOC M21 46:43
3rd Scott Collier KERNO M21 47:57
4th Matthew Clarke SUFFOC M16 48:47
5th David Cavero Montaner SMOC M21 51:10
6th Stephen Borrill WAOC M45 51:37
7th Jonathan Pye WAOC M21 52:50
8th Anne Edwards TVOC W21 53:20
9th Daniel Cowley NOR M35 55:16
Par Time 64:15 - winner's time + 50%
10th John Clarke SUFFOC M45 96:46



6.8km 100 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Dil Wetherill WAOC M50 43:23
2nd David Dixon HH M45 44:53
3rd David Cronk WAOC M55 46:31
4th Brian Cowe WAOC M40 49:30
Par Time 65:05 - winner's time + 50%
5th Kevin Parkes HH M55 65:21



5.3km 85 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Janet Cronk WAOC W60 43:23
2nd William Bartram NOR M14 43:51
3rd Peter Woods WAOC M60 44:24
4th Michael Bickle WAOC M65 45:53
5th John Mills SOS M45 51:31
6th Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M55 53:48
7th Philip Bartram NOR M45 56:09
8th Alexander Helme IND M9 61:42
9th Annabelle Helme IND W11 61:43
10th Roger Moulding HH M70 62:25
Par Time 65:05 - winner's time + 50%
11th Ann Mills SOS W45 81:10
mp Will Harrison SUFFOC M55 47:12
mp Sue Woods WAOC W60 49:45

Short Green


3.3km 40 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Chris Rampton (2nd run) IND M50 22:49
2nd Kate Donovan IND W21 23:52
3rd Matthew Dixon HH M16 29:09
4th Bruce Marshall WAOC M65 30:34
Par Time 34:14 - winner's time + 50%
5th Sue & John Hartley WAOC W60 50:15
6th Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W80 89:58

Light Green


3.1km 40 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Chris Rampton IND M50 19:46
2nd Katie Godfrey IND W21 22:33
Par Time 29:39 - winner's time + 50%
3rd Sara Sanchez Lopez IND W21 37:17
4th Penny Parkes HH W60 78:49



2.6km 35 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Gary Amy and Hannah Jenkins HH W11 44:04
Par Time 66:06 - winner's time + 50%



2km 30 m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jemima Borrill WAOC W12 36:13
Par Time 54:20 - winner's time + 50%
2nd Milly Fishlock + 3 WAOC W7 57:18