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The events organised by WAOC listed here are open to everybody. Most of our events are eligible for the club League: WAGAL. The list indicates which events count towards the WAGAL score.
This list does not include our regular Wednesday evening clubnights. Once each month, the weekday clubnight takes the form of a low key orienteering event open to club members. Click here for information on clubnights. 





Grid Ref


March 11, 2018 Shouldham Warren CompassSport Cup Qualifier (EAOA event)
March 17, 2018 Milton CP Annual Prizegiving and AGM
April 8, 2018 Peterborough Urban Event
May 12, 2018 St Neots Urban Sprint Regional Event
September 16, 2018 Ampthill Park WAGAL- Colour Coded to Blue
October 28, 2018 Mildenhall North Regional, WAGAL, full colour coded
November 24, 2018 Rowney Warren Night event
November 25, 2018 Rowney Warren Regional, WAGAL; Full colour coded


February 3, 2019 Bush Heath Wood WAGAL;Icenian; National Event
March 10, 2019 Royston WAGAL; Urban orienteering

Beyond about 6 months into the future, the calendar is provisional and is listed for information purposes. Dates and/or locations may be subject to change and additional events may be introduced. You should check here closer to the event date for the latest details.

Other Events for WAOC Members

Peter Palmer Junior Night/Day Relays
SMILE's are SuMmer Introductory Low-key Events and they are held on either Saturday or Sunday mornings starting in April and will offer White, Yellow and Orange courses.  SMILE events are aimed particularly at developing orienteers and those juniors or seniors who wish to practice these courses in a friendly atmosphere.

The Summer Series is a programme of events scheduled for Saturday afternoons, between mid-May and early September. .  These are friendly low key events which are ideal for newcomers as well as being well attended by more experienced orienteers who wish to get some practise in over the Summer months.
Regional events are now called National Events by British Orienteering. These offer age based for senior classes and ability based for juniors and usually require pre-entry although there may also be some colour coded courses with EOD.  The senior courses are eligible for ranking points if you are a member of British Orienteering.   These events were once also called Badge events, Level 2 events, and Level B events

District events Are now called Regional events by British Orienteering. These offer a full range of colour coded courses and are suitable for all abilities. The colour coding of courses is related to ability providing a suitable entry point to orienteering and progression for all ages and abilities. When arriving at an event simply visit the enquiries/registration area, as entries are taken on the day, and mention you are new to the sport. Courses are eligible for ranking points if you are a member of British Orienteering.  

Local and Regional are the most common types of orienteering events in Britain. There will be at several events each month within reasonable travelling distance in most parts of Britain on Sunday mornings. The orienteering season runs from September to June but there often local events available during the summer.

WAOC Midweek Summer Galoppens are a series of low-key orienteering themed events on Wednesday evenings. The event genre varies, being conventional orienteering, a score event, street orienteering, or something of the planner's own invention. There are normally a couple of different courses, long and short for example. No one takes them too seriously although there are prizes for the overall winner at the end of the series.  Starts will usually be from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, but you are advised to check this beforehand.

So, after a hard days work in the office, lab, or garden, why not enjoy the long balmy summer evenings by doing a bit of orienteering down the park. See you all in June. 
The CompassSportCup is the annual inter-club competition.  The regional round will be hosted by EAOA  at Hatfield Forest in 2016.  The competition is open to all club members and, as 25 competitors from each club across all the courses count towards the final total, it is important that as many members compete.

Chasing Sprints are made up of 2 races, the Prologue and the Chasing Start
The Prologue is similar to a normal event with a staggered start time. The winning time is expected to be 25 minutes.
The Chasing Start is about 1 hour after the Prologue and has a base start time. Your time from the Prologue is added to the base start time to give you your actual start time.  The race is then on for the Finish with the first person to cross the line the winner.
Middle distance competitions have age related courses that are designed to have an Estimated Winning Time (EWT) of 30-35 minutes.

The UK Cup events are Britain's premier orienteering competitions and are chosen to challenge a competitor's orienteering skills and fitness. The series is held during the spring season with races spread over the whole of the UK. These events are open to everybody (you do not need to be of elite status to enter) and are a great chance for you to test yourself against the very best.

The Young Orienteers Festival (YOF) is for primary and lower secondary juniors.  It is being run alongside the British Sprint Championships in Milton Keynes and gives juniors the chance to run at the same event as the top British elites.

Many orienteers regard night orienteering as the ultimate challenge in the sport, requiring the highest standards of detailed navigation and physical agility.  Night courses are typically 2/3 the distance of their daytime equivalent courses.
The Harvester is a Night/Day relay held every year, entry is via the club captain.
The Peter Palmer Junior Relays are the junior version of the Night/days Harvester relay.

The Yvette Baker Trophy (YBT) is a junior inter club competition.  The qualifying round is held by the region in the autumn and is open to all club juniors.

The British Relay Champs and JK Relays are Britain's premier relays.  They are open to all club members and entry is via the club captain.

Try-O events are usually based on colour coded courses but will only have the shorter courses.  They are designed to introduce newcomers to the sport of orienteering and to offer help and advice on how to get the most out it.

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